Mirror of your soul

Floral Hymn mirrors what lives in me, who I am. Floortje’ means flower. In Roman mythology, Flora was the goddess of flowers and the season of spring. ‘Floortje’ also means flourish, bloom.

My Floral Hymn collection is an ode to my inner journey and I am expressing that in capturing the purity and aesthetics of flowers and nature. This is when I flourish. 

Through your eyes you see yourself mirrored. You see your pure core.
You remember you. 

Floral Hymn is ready to elevate your life.
Open your heart and listen. The right work will pick you. 

Floral Hymn. The new, exclusive, limited edition art collection by Floortje Louise. Originated from deep love for pure aesthetics and clean compositions with which we are surrounded by daily. 

What do you think

Are you worth it to live an extraordinary life
in co-creation with art & nature?
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