floortje.louise studio for ISTO

Quality over quantity. Transparency. Organic. Three words that describes ISTO very well.


art print “silent.sky” added to the HYMN collection.

floortje.louise studio for NUORI

We are all aware that the longer your food lasts, the less nutritious value it has. Following the logic: for skincare products it’s the same.

floortje.louise studio for Atelier Recyclé

Conscious Interior Design with a less-is-more attitude. That’s Atelier Recyclé.
In close collaboration with Sofie, floortje.louise studio designed the website of Atelier Recyclé 2.0.

floortje.louise studio for VOR

Each VOR product is defined by its characteristic design and meticulous quality.

floortje.louise studio for Westhill

Westhill believes we can all be challenged to appreciate an objects’ material and where they come from. 

Aesthetics at Heerenhuisch

things are either devolving toward,
or envolving from – nothingness.


Art print ‘sere.ne’ added to the HYMN collection.

HYMN A5 cards

Now in store: three sets of A5 cards.
presence | rosy | still. 

floortje.louise studio for NUORI

A lightweight, intensely hydrating serum that calms and deeply re-hydrates skin.


art print “eart.h” added to the HYMN collection.

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