Floral Hymn


Art enriches your life, increases the energy of your living environment and emphasizes your unique personality and taste.

In public space, my works of art enters a dialogue with every pair of eyes that rest upon them. Again, and again a different story unfolds. With a personal meaning for every viewer. This leaves a lasting impression on each of your guests or customers.

Floral Hymn exudes elegance and sophistication, possessing a high-class character that seamlessly complements both private and professional settings. This collection’s luxurious, serene, and balanced aesthetic is ideal for those seeking a harmonious atmosphere.

Keywords of this collection are: intuitive, gracious, qualitative, iconic, high level, and aesthetic.

Every artwork in the Floral Hymn collection is a unique, authentic original, accompanied by a handwritten certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its individuality and value. Signed and numbered by the artist Floortje Louise.

Advice on the styling of the collection in creative spaces, offices, hotels, residences, lofts, boutiques or concept stores is feasible.

The collection is also available for retail. Purchase prices on request.

Curious about the possiblities, e.g. for personalized work?
I’d love to hear from you.


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Are you worth it to live an extraordinary life
in co-creation with art & nature?

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