Unveil the latest treasures of the NOIR series in our Floral Hymn collection!

A symphony of botanical wonders, intuitively captured with
an exquisite attention to detail. As a testament to a deep connection to
the natural world and a passion for capturing its essence, each piece
stands out distinctly.

This collection not only explores the intricate beauty of the botanical world
but also resonates with a profound reverence for feminine elegance.

Floral Hymn is comprised of the AURA series, known for its vibrant and colorful expressions, and the NOIR series, which delves into the raw, mysterious side of nature.

A collection that transcends conventional boundaries of art
—a heartfelt hymn to the beauty that surrounds us.

In public space, the Floral Hymn collection enters a dialogue with every pair of eyes that rest upon them. Again, and again a different story unfolds. With a personal meaning for every viewer. This leaves a lasting impression on each of your guests or customers.

Floral Hymn exudes elegance and sophistication, possessing a high-class character that seamlessly complements both private and professional settings. This collection’s luxurious, serene, and balanced aesthetic is ideal for those seeking a harmonious atmosphere.

Every artwork in the Floral Hymn collection is a unique, authentic original, accompanied by a handwritten certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its individuality and value. Signed and numbered by the artist Floortje Louise.

Discover the collection

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