From the AURA-series


Each artwork in the Floral Hymn collection is a one-of-a-kind authentic piece, part of a limited edition with only 11 pieces available. Accompanied by a handwritten certificate of authenticity, each artwork guarantees its individuality and value. Signed and numbered by the artist Floortje Louise.

Hahnemühle Fine art Baryta is a high-gloss, high-white photographic paper which, due to the addition of barium sulfate to the coating, closely resembles the barite paper from the analogue era.

A floating frame creates the impression that the artwork is floating in space due to the delicate border between the print and the moulding. This adds a modern, streamlined look that immediately catches the viewer’s attention.
At the back is a hanging system that can be placed directly on the wall.

—NOTE: The processing of your order takes on average 2 weeks.


 295,00 1.095,00